Wild One


It’s hard to believe our youngest just turned 1.  (September) It’s true what everyone says, “it’s going to go by so quickly and even more so with the second child.”
Not only did the past year go by so quickly, but we have been blessed with so many lessons that we can all learn from.  Graham was diagnosed with mild-moderate bilateral hearing loss.  I’ll save the dramatic diagnosis for another post and one which I hope will help other families that may go through a similar situation.  I found there is a lack of community for those who are HOH (hard of hearing) and/or deaf.
He continues to be my teacher (as does our first born) and I’m continually humbled by the lessons I learn from my children as they grow older each day.
I love a good party.  I love to host said party.  I love to plan a party based around a theme.  Although we scaled back on the number of invites and kept the party to immediate family, I wasn’t going to let an opportunity pass to pick an appropriate theme for our WILD ONE.
The book, Where the Wild things Are is currently a top read for our oldest.  He  has already learned to recite the whole book from memory which is quite impressive.  Our boys are full of energy in their waking hours so the theme, Wild One, seemed appropriate for the 1st birthday celebration.  I knew our oldest would have a blast joining in on the fun and getting to wear a crown like the main character, Max.
I had zero intentions of having crowns at the party but Target’s party isle caught my eye and I coincidentally spotted a package of crowns.  Sold.  The clearance section also had a pack of 3 garland strands of green leaves.  Again, sold at just $2.50.
A quick search on Pinterest for free printables & Wild One themed cakes and I found what I needed for inspiration.
I found these adorable FREE printables here
I liked different things about each of the cakes I found but had a vision of what I wanted combined for Graham’s.  Whole Foods has always been my go-to for birthday cakes.  They’re both delicious & the pastry chefs ALWAYS do an amazing job making my vision become a reality in the form of naturally dyed buttercream icing smothered over a chocolate center that tastes like an oreo.
Super cute right?!
This party was a wonderful celebration of the joy our little Wild One brings to our family.


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