New Beginnings

Welcome to The Homestead Haven.
We believe in creating beautiful spaces with meaningful pieces that touch the soul and make your homestead a blissful haven.
We are two graduates from UNC Wilmington who instantly became best friends when we met in our business classes.  Both held careers for nearly a decade as Account Managers and were fortunate to also work together majority of that time at the same company.  It was during that first job that we began to brainstorm business ideas, making plans for the future and the start of our entrepreneurial endeavors.  Ironically, we both decided to take on new opportunities the same year as stay-at-home mothers and it was during this time that we were able to put our business plans into action.
We welcome you to get to know us better, below.
IMG_1619Hi there.  I’m Amanda, wife to my high school sweetheart and momma to our two sweet boys.  My day doesn’t begin until my cup (or two) of coffee and a moment of quiet time reading a book/devotional.  This is the time I need to start my day off right.  I am a peanut butter loving (by the spoonful) junkie but was recently forced to give it up when our youngest was diagnosed with a peanut allergy. I’m not going to lie, that was TOUGH!
I find joy in the simple things and prefer a slower paced lifestyle. (That is rarely the reality.)  I seek adventure through travel, being outdoors, and am fueled with adrenaline when I find a good bargain for my home.  I am a DIY enthusiast and maker of all things homegoods.  I’ve found therapy in the form of Bikram yoga, running and challenging myself physically with new exercises.
I developed a passion for thrifting and DIY at a young age and find joy in creating beautiful spaces that are inviting and truly make a house feel like home.
Hi! I’m Renee, 32 year old wife to  Thomas and mommy to two amazing kiddos, Abram (4) and Aria (1).  I’m a green tea loving, stay at home mom who enjoys naps (although they are few and far between during this phase of life), nutrition, yoga, family time, and everything DIY.  
When I am passionate about something it will consume me and I won’t be satisfied unless I’m giving 110%.
My family has called me Mugs as long as I can remember; I make mugs (or faces) and it is apparent how I’m feeling just by looking at me. No poker face! Since becoming a momma, I have uncovered who I truly am. I am learning to accept and love all things about myself and others. I have a better understanding of what really matters in this life. It has become my mission to support and guide my children as they discover these same things.
Thank you for joining us on this journey!  We cannot wait to be a part of your homes with our home decor goods and can only hope that you love them just as much as we do.

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